Roland Baader war ein deutscher Volkswirt und als freier Publizist der Autor mehrerer Bücher und zahlreicher Fachartikel zum klassischen Liberalismus. Auch war er regelmäßiger Autor bei eigentümlich frei und Schweizer Monat. Wikipedia

Geboren: 14. Februar 1940, Waghäusel

Verstorben: 8. Januar 2012, Waghäusel

Ausbildung: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (1961–1968), Friedrich-List-Schule (1960), Märkisches Gymnasium Schwelm

Roland Baader | Let us free ourselves from the true evil (state counterfeit money)

"It may be too late to avert the financial disaster that lies ahead of us, but we must at least prevent the road to financial ruin from also becoming a road to servitude. Let's talk our heads off and write our fingers to the bone, let's make ourselves outsiders and ridiculed figures if necessary, but let's fight to ensure that the basis of people's freedom, the market economy, is not presented to them as the alleged culprit and executed by the henchmen of power under the false pretext. Otherwise, it is we ourselves, our happiness and prosperity and freedom, who die with the market. Let us free ourselves from the true evil, from the fuel of presumptuous domination and destructive lies: from state counterfeit money."

Roland Baader

Roland Baader | The only true human right

"The only true human right is the right to be left alone - by anyone you didn't invite or welcome"

Roland Baader

Roland Baader | The word ‘democracy’ is a heavy intoxicant

"The word 'democracy' is a heavy intoxicant. It prevents learning, clouds the mind, confuses thinking, creates delusions - and eventually makes you sleepy and apathetic. Today's democracy junkies would murder Socrates again."

Roland Baader

Roland Baader | Laws are – even and especially in modern democracy

"Laws are - even and especially in modern democracy - rarely instruments that enforce right against wrong, but mostly political tools with which the politically weak are exploited, robbed, suppressed and instrumentalized in favor of the politically strong."

Roland Baader

Roland Baader | The state is an insatiable money-eating monster

"The state is an insatiable money-eating monster, and the central banks are its tireless inflationary machines. Together they are cronies of the impoverishment of peoples and an ideal pair for the dance of death of civilization"

Roland Baader